Divergence creates. Opposites attract,and when they come together, sparks fly.

The Resilient Ones—these grads know rapid change and continual challenges. Bonds forged in 2020/21 propelled this team through pandemic and flood to conquer a gruelling two years of hard work, learning, re-learning, and becoming the Valley’s next big thing with grace and style. Join us in celebrating the work of our newest, eager, and most resilient graduates, ready for the next challenge.


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Kelsey Cameron

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Rania Madi

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Ty Martens

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Rebeca Gadsden

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Julianne de Guzman

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Mikayla Campbell

Jade Choo

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Emily Rempel

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Devon Riley

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Dani Soto

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Caitlin Peters

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Brenna DeKelver

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Aidan Goulet