Reaching out to making connections–creating new colours, patterns, and pathways

Welcome to our 2023–24 showcase featuring the work of our graduating diploma and degree students! Help us celebrate these emerging designers as they embark on the next leg of their journey. We invite you to explore and connect with this dynamic bunch to learn more about the newest thinkers and dreamers joining our creative community.

Allie Tekavec

Aryan Kathuria

Brysen Becker

Cayden Buchanan

Erica MacDonald

Josiah McGrew

Kim Janzen

Lenora DSouza

Madi Matthews

Mica Aquino

Savannah Hammer

Xiaohan Lyu

Zach Lucas

BFA, major GDD

Our passionate degree students are graduating with a versatile set of skills and experiences crafted through a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree students with a major in Graphic and Digital Design (GDD). They have worked tirelessly for over four years to hone high-demand skills in communication design, brand identity, interactive design, and dynamic media needed to succeed in today’s industry. With various projects exploring complex problems in their portfolio, these students understand design from a local and international lens.

Our GDD diploma graduates develop a solid foundation in communication design, brand identity, interactive design, and dynamic media. This two-year, full-time experience has prepared them to start their creative career locally and beyond. These dedicated students understand deadlines and how to manage a full course load!