Brenna DeKelver

Diploma, Graphic and Digital Design

Brenna is a young illustrator who has always had an affinity for art. Choosing creative career is, in her words, 'a no-brainer', and seeing how far she has progressed in her study of illustration and design keeps her inspired to continue creating. She draws inspiration from nature and looks for ways to incorporate visual elements of plants or animals in her work.

Ravensbrooke Mead

Brand Identity | Packaging

Ravensbrooke is a Fraser Valley based mead brewery that values fair trade, environmental mindfulness, and sharing a unique culture with their community. Their products are inspired by the lore of the Norse God Odin and his two ravens; Huginn and Muninn.

Beer can design
Ravensbrooke label

DeKelver Design Brand Development

Brand Identity

DeKelver designs media
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