Rania Madi

Diploma, Graphic and Digital Design

Rania is a graphic and web designer living in Vancouver, BC. She specializes in online platform development, computer-aided design, and picture editing software. As a former business owner, she has extensive marketing and advertising experience and has spent the last three years perfecting her portfolio. She believes that her role as a designer is to create and communicate ideas that inform, inspire, and captivate customers.

Elite Fashion

Brand Identity

Elite Fashion is one of the first modern-traditional fashion platforms in British Columbia, Canada that provide such a diverse selection of on-line traditional clothes that target middle eastern women. The brand goal is to combine traditional and modern designs and to build a strong sense of purpose to encourage women to wear traditional clothes that represent their culture and identity while remaining sophisticated and elegant.

Elite design
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Lewis Capaldi Album Cover

Digital Art

Someone you love is a song about sadness, loss, and loneliness; the song is applicable to both the end of a relationship and the bereavement phase. For the cover art, I decided to incorporate a gloomy look and a leafless tree by using the close-up of a single branch as the main object. I was attempting to emphasize the song's main tone, which is loneliness, and I thought the sunset was the best way to convey this feeling. I created the sun effect with nearly eight adjustment layers to ensure a clean look and that it blends nicely with the original shot.

Album CD cover
Album cover process