Kelsey Cameron

Diploma, Graphic and Digital Design

Kelsey is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer based out of Abbotsford, BC. She enjoys learning a bit of everything and uses her skills to produce great design, on time. Using typography, illustration and an eye for colour, she strives for timeless design solutions that inspire audiences and make lasting impressions.

Dean's List 2021

Nebula Wine

Brand Identity | Packaging

Nebula wine is the high quality wine without the high quality price. Exciting and creative branding that brings a new edge to wine. They have bold, out of this world flavors that make an impact when they touch your pallet. A night and day difference.

Wine label front
Nebula label series

Japanese Breakfast Jubilee Album

Product Design | Digital Art

“Jubilee” is Michelle Zauner’s third debut album. It explores themes of experiencing joy after dealing with the grief and loss of her mother. ‘Jubilee’ is the understanding of what it takes to hold both emotions simultaneously -- the soft with the hard.

Jubilee album record
Album merch