The Graphic & Digital Design program was created from the ground up by forward thinking design leaders who challenge convention and strip-away the typical.

At its core, the Graphic and Digital Design major is a purpose-driven design degree, focused on arming students with the ability to be flexible and responsive in an increasingly complex world. By using a multidisciplinary approach, our passionate teachers prepare students to be more engaged, prepared and versatile – for both the creative industry and the business community at large.

Here, you’ll build a portfolio that reflects your passion, leadership, and creative savvy gained through real-world projects, in-depth learning, and cross-disciplinary collaboration.



Develop a solid foundation in four fields of design practice — communication design, brand identity, interactive design, dynamic media – and gain versatile job-ready skills. Create design solutions by applying strategic processes, visual language, and digital skills, through immersive project- based learning.


The Graphic and Digital Design major is a purpose-driven design degree focused on being flexible and responsive to an increasingly complex world. Your learning will position you as a designer who is a critical thinker, collaborator, and an agent of change.


In addition to standard UFV entrance requirements, you will need to submit a portfolio and meet the threshold grade in English 12 for your program of application. A portfolio is a compilation of work created in various mediums that reflect your talent, creative process, knowledge, interests, skills, and artistic development. An entry portfolio for UFV’s Graphic and Digital Design program and the BFA degree includes 10 to 15 pieces of creative work (at least three different mediums), two written reflections, and a résumé.