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Josiah McGrew

GDD Diploma

Josiah is a young creative with enough ideas to last a lifetime. Josiah entered GDD after spending three semesters in the Kinesiology program studying bones and English. Realizing it wasn't his passion, he went where his heart was calling him so he could pursue a creative lifestyle and leave his mark in life. Rooted in the profound wisdom of the Bible, Josiah's design philosophy extends beyond aesthetics to capture emotional impact and convey many different messages. Each project carries multiple layers of meaning, purpose, and significance, reflecting a deep spiritual connection. When not crafting designs, Josiah channels creativity into music production, a passion cultivated since age 2, infusing fresh perspectives into every project. Specializing in Print Design, Visual Identity, Album Artwork, and Christian Media, Josiah's work is a tapestry of faith, creativity, and purpose.

Dean's List 2022 and 2023

MIZE Calendar App

Visual Identity + UI/UX

MIZE is a theoretical calendar app, where I was tasked with planning, creating, developing, and testing, the visual identity and UI/UX of the app. MIZE is supposed to replace the boring old calendar app on your IOS device, while fitting in with the ecosystem. MIZE approaches this by using a sleek logo, vibrant colours, and the same typeface/symbols as apple. The final outcome was a clean and vibrant indentity that worked well for the user interface.

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