2023—2024 Showcase > Kim Janzen

Kim Janzen

GDD Diploma

Kim harnesses her innate curiosity and tenacity to create designs that are authentic, accessible, and resonate with people and their values. Her empathetic and ethical design focus has led to meaningful collaborations in the Fraser Valley, including work for Smoking Gun Coffee Roasters, The Grand Hall & Hotel Morado, Chilliwack Mural Festival, BC Coffee Club, and Tourism Chilliwack.
Over the last two years, Kim has been an integral part of the Smoking Gun team, where a shared ethos of putting people first has driven the evolution of this growing brand and business to new levels of success. In the future, Kim plans to build on this philosophy of meaningful relationships and people-first ethics to help other brands establish their values and accelerate their growth sustainably and holistically.

Dean's List 2022 and 2023

Camp Smoking Gun | Promotional Marketing

Role: Visual Identity, Marketing Material, Packaging Design, Video Editing, Illustration

Smoking Gun Coffee Roasters launched the Camp SG promotion to grow its e-commerce channel, focusing on adding value rather than offering discounts. This approach effectively raised the company's profile in BC’s competitive coffee market, leading to a record-breaking month in e-commerce sales. The promotion was well-received in the community, earning positive reviews and proving the success of a value-driven approach in online sales.