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Erica MacDonald

GDD Diploma

Erica is a creative and motivated graphic designer interested in print and editorial design. She enjoys crafting unique designs that effectively convey a message and resonate with a target audience. Some of her strengths lie in a thorough research and brainstorming process, which helps her to deeply understand the design challenge, leading to the conceptualization of intentional and purposeful designs. Erica is excited to bring her skill set and experience to future opportunities and assist in making clients’ visions a reality.

Dean's List 2022 and 2023

It All Piles Up

Infographic Design

It All Piles Up is an infographic about food waste in Canada, and highlights why it’s a major issue. The design challenge for this student project was to create an infographic that presents a large amount of information in an organized and visually engaging way, and creates awareness of the topic among the target audience. Photographs of food, and items associated with food, were incorporated in the design to highlight key data because they assisted in conveying clear and relevant connections between the information and imagery.