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Madi Matthews

GDD Diploma

Madi is a thoughtful and expressive designer. With a deep passion for storytelling, Madi has found branding and illustration projects to be the most exciting and fulfilling. She shines the most when developing branding and product concepts. Finding connections in research chaos, Madi ensures that an idea is profound in meaning and respectful to the target audience. Accompanied by an in-depth knowledge of social media marketing trends, Madi is excited to jump into the design world and share the unique stories of clients and their brands.
When Madi isn’t designing, she often finds herself painting with an abstract expressionist style, sewing funky pants, and broadening her perspective through books, films and music.

Dean's List 2022 and 2023

Picnic Panic Gluten Free Beer

Brand Identity & Packaging

Picnic Panic is a gluten free beer company hoping to become the go-to gluten free beer for those partaking in gluten free diets. The concept comes from the common experience, such as anxiety, that someone with dietary restrictions cause at social gatherings revolving around food. The name Picnic Panic reflects this experience in a respectful and light-hearted way while the graphics create an eclectic and trippy feeling, similar to that of panic or drunkenness. The visual concept incorporates natural elements to represent the beer types and reconnects back to the idea of where this product will most likely be used.