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Xiaohan Lyu

BFA, major in Graphic and Digital Design

Xiaohan Lyu is an emerging graphic designer passionate about the video game industry. Specializing in illustration, motion graphics, brand identity design, and package design, she possesses a unique blend of empathetic design and artistic creativity. Xiaohan is open and willing to learn from different cultures, creating designs that speak for them. She is trying to bring ideas to life and tell exciting stories through her design.

Dean's List 2021 and 2022

Freedom of Speech

Visual Essay

This book is a unique exploration of freedom of speech in China and the Western world, using typography and innovative visual design to convey its key themes and arguments. Through a comparative analysis of freedom of speech in these two regions, the book illustrates that what is considered acceptable to speak about and what is not are controlled to some extent in both societies. By challenging the stereotype that freedom of speech is unlimited in the Western world and nonexistent in China, and by filling a gap in the current literature on this topic, the book offers a new perspective on this important issue and encourages readers to think critically about the concept of freedom of speech in their own societies.