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Savannah Hammer

GDD Diploma

Savannah's design isn’t just her passion; it’s a natural extension of who she is. Creativity, empathy, and problem-solving flow through her veins, shaping every design she creates. Savannah's designs aren’t mere visuals; they’re stories waiting to be told, challenges waiting to be conquered, and dreams yearning to take flight. "Savannah Hammer Design,” Savannah's brand, reflects her core values. Inclusivity, empathy, and kindness thread through her creations and pieces of work. Savannah yearns to invite everyone into her world where the magic of creativity flows freely and without limits, and imagination ignites innovation.

Dean's List 2022 and 2023


Colours for Calm, Colouring and Mindful Interactive Book

Brand Campaign Touchpoint Design

YYOGA and the Colours for Calm Campaign project intends to bring light to some of the mental problems, particularly anxiety-based ones, that plague modern-day society. In an ever-growing world, the more problems we solve, the more issues evolve to challenge that success. Due to this fact, the Colours for Calm campaign will produce a colouring and mindful interactive book which is designed to enlighten people about alternative options to improve their mental and physical wellness in a holistic and long-lasting way, through yoga and creative expression.