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Allie Tekavec

GDD Diploma

Allie is a graphic designer passionate about visual communication and creative representation. She has been intrigued by graphic design elements ever since elementary school when she discovered how design— good and bad—can impact people. Since then, she has worked hard to deepen her experience and skills in design so that she can be a resource for others to create a lasting and positive impact. She loves combining many ideas into one significant idea to tell a deeper story and solve design challenges. She hopes to bring more fun and creativity to the design industry.

Dean's List 2022 and 2023

Earl of Ice Cream (Title) Visual Identity (Theme)


The Earl of Ice Cream, a play on the Earl of Sandwich, is an ice cream sandwich truck concept that would travel around Vancouver Island. The ice cream sandwich flavors all represent different types of “classic sandwiches” that have been turned into delicious frozen treats. The brand uses chalkboard-style visuals to tie in the sandwich-shop aesthetic and point consumers back to the nostalgia of playing with sidewalk chalk while waiting for the ice cream truck.