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Colton Floris, GDD 1st year student recieves an Applied Arts honourable mention!

Colton Floris impressed the judges with “iMAGiNE” — an original interactive children’s book design and story. This project showcases exceptional writing, design, illustration and cross-platform media application. Colton’s submission was one out of 140 graphic design student entries from across Canada. The scholarship recipients are featured in Applied Arts.

Project Brief:  D.I.Y. Publication Project
GD159 Digital Design Media II, Instructor: Jason Neve

You develop the concept • You develop the format/materials • You build the project • WYSIWYG Presentation; not a dummy/not a mock-up • Include at least one interactive element (web link or QR-code) on the print version • Include at least two interactive elements on the digital version  • All content must be original.

Solution:  iMAGiNE – A Children’s Story Book

My solution was to create a children’s book where the child is the star in a story that inspires imagination. This interactive story allows for the character’s name to be modified so the reader becomes part of the story. The book is hard cover, as well as a digital download for iPad and iPhone. The digital book features animated illustrations bringing the story to life, and is aimed at kids aged 3-8.

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See the complete iMAGiNE Story Book