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Today we celebrate in-person for the first time in 2 years!

This year, GDD is celebrating its graduating students as part of the third annual School of Creative Arts Interpret Festival showcasing work from Graphic + Digital Design, Visual Arts, Media Arts, Theatre and Film. It is a new take on our traditional diploma grad shows that you’ve come to expect from our hard working GDD students, and we are thrilled to embrace the change and join the bigger creative community on the UFV Abbotsford campus. This new event features the work of graduating Graphic + Digital Design diploma and degree students throughout the exhibition walls in Abbotsford Building C, and additional coursework from practicum students, our first year cohort, and an interdisciplinary project with Environmental Studies students.

These groups of students pressed on through a challenging year of restrictions and campus shutdowns to produce some of their finest work. There is not much that will hold our valley design students from rising to a challenge. Come see our Mission diploma grads take over the hallway to showcase their salon-style exhibitions and survey the work of our newly minted degree students. While you are on campus, take a tour through the other creative arts buildings to see live theatre performances, film productions and media arts projects and grab some refreshments to take with you on your journey through the festival.

The event takes place this evening. We hope to see you there!