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Join us in celebrating our diploma and degree graduates!

This is a tough bunch. Through pandemic and floods, these graduating students have shown us what tenacity is, and what resilience means.

Most began their journey in January 2020, bright eyed and enthusiastic about starting a diploma in graphic design at UFV. I remember it clearly; the group work and energy they brought to the classroom was palpable; it was going to be a fun semester—and we nearly made it—before everything changed. Like so many students around the world, midway through their first semester, school suddenly looked very different and we tried to make sense of what was happening.

These students were the first to endure the growing pains of “pivoting” to online learning during the pandemic, and worked patiently as faculty fumbled our way toward teaching design remotely. They were the first in Zoom breakout rooms, the first doing their important group work in threads, forums, MIRO boards and whatever else their teachers might throw at them, and they did it with passion and style. The pandemic was not a blessing, but these designers used it to their advantage learning much about adapting, rising to challenges and becoming powerful communicators.

We are very grateful to have had them with us through this, and wish them much success in what they take on next. Keep an eye out for them—we think they are not done changing the world just yet.