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Mila Mukhortova
Applied Arts Magazine Student Award Winner

Congratulations to GDD Student Liudmila Mukhortova (Grad 2016) on having two first-year projects selected for Applied Arts Magazine 2015 Student Awards. The work is published in the November edition of Applied Arts Magazine, Canada’s national publication for graphic design.

GD154 DIY Alphabet

My inspiration came from a calligraphy workshop with Martin Jackson. I love to feel and see how natural the ink pen flows on a paper following the same directions for centuries. For this DIY alphabet project, I used basic italic letterforms and explored a medium other than the paper — the water. I let the ink be free in the water reservoir and photographed the shapes it made.

GD101 The Great Exhibition

We were tasked to design a visually engaging publication for the first World’s Fair using The Grammar of Ornament by Owen Jones and The Complete Encyclo­pedia of Illustration by J.G. Heck as graphic standards. It took me a couple of days to fully immerse myself in the Victorian era. Watching movies, reading the historical articles and imagining myself in the Crystal Palace all brought me to the idea of a message from Victorian-era pioneers to future generations.