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Eugene Kulaga
Canada Type Scholarship Recipient

Congratulations to GDD student, Eugene Kulaga, recipient of the Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC) 2015 Canada Type scholarship for Kandinsky: Geometric Typeface and DIY Rock Type Alphabet. The Canada Type Scholarship was created to support students who are studying graphic/communication design in Canada and who have a keen interest in typography.

Kandinsky: Geometric Typeface

The visual inspiration for this project came from a geometric abstract painting “Composition VIII” by famous Russian artist W. Kandinsky. Intersecting, angled lines and circles served as a good base for creating letterforms. I aimed at creating a typeface that could be balanced and readable, and at the same time dynamic and artistic as the painting itself. I have limited the elements and colours, so that there would be consistency in letterforms increasing the legibility. By looking at words formed from this typeface and even separate glyphs one can recognize the elements of Kandinsky’s art.

Reference: “Composition VIII” artist W. Kandinsky

DIY Rock Type Alphabet

Nature is the richest source of inspiration, especially in typography. Rock Type Alphabet was created using the lines found only in one stone. Thoroughly hand tracing every line of the rock was a great process of exploration in itself. I have minimized editing of the letterforms, keeping them as close as possible to the original, to maintain the organic feel to pass to the viewer the sense of discovery and love of nature. This alphabet can be developed into a decorative font for use in headlines, posters, trail signage or t-shirt graphics.

Elements for the background composite for the poster and type specimen (clouds and water) are Shutterstock images.