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A dream come true!

Shelissa Verwoert
GD 498 • Fall 2023
Graphic Designer

During Fall 2023, I had the privilege of doing a practicum under the GDD department—a dream come true! As a fourth-year Graphic Design student, I have developed a deep appreciation for the GDD faculty. After all, they are the reason that I know what Graphic Design is today, and because of them and their continued encouragement and support, I have discovered my love and passion for Graphic Design.

My experience was everything I had anticipated and so much more! Not only was I able to do a lot of research, completing two competitive analyses, do a deep dive into the various GDD blog users and their goals, and edit and publish blog posts to the online GDD blog, but I also was given the amazing opportunity to design the online GDD showcase for our Fall 2023 Grads and offer direction for the GDD Grad photoshoot.

Weekly in-person meetings allowed me to meet with Jen to discuss what I had been working on and get feedback and direction, which often led to exciting discussions as we did research and made plans for the future GDD Blog.

One of the biggest challenges during this practicum was fitting enough time into my schedule to get my weekly hours. However, as time passed, I began to fall into a rhythm and could designate two partial days per week for practicum work.

There were many exciting things about my practicum, but a few highlights were being able to work one-on-one with the GDD faculty, getting to know Jen better, and being able to prototype the online GDD showcase for our Grads to hand over to a developer at the end of my practicum.

Reflecting on my experience now, I can say that I can see the true value of good communication and time management. Without weekly meetings and emails back and forth, I would not have been able to achieve what I have. Time management was especially crucial in getting my hours in and ensuring that I got good results. I strongly recommend that any able student take a practicum under the GDD department. I gained real-life experience in a safe and understanding environment, all with the support of our amazing GDD faculty!

Shelissa is a 4th year BFA student majoring in Graphic Design.