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My practicum with Vanspec Marketing!

Marylynn Ho
GD 498 • Fall 2023
Graphic Designer

This past fall, I had the incredible opportunity to participate in a practicum as a graphic designer at Vanspec Marketing. Entering the world of real-life design applications was both exciting and enlightening. Vanspec Marketing, a digital marketing agency, is renowned for its expertise in Digital Marketing, Web Development, Social Media Marketing, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Working within Vanspec’s team was an enriching experience. The environment fostered collaboration and creativity while setting high standards for quality work. From September through December 2023, I immersed myself in projects that challenged my design knowledge and encouraged personal and professional growth.

One of the aspects I appreciated most about my time at Vanspec was the unwavering support and guidance provided by the team. Regular communication, including weekly meetings, ensured a cohesive workflow. These sessions served as checkpoints to discuss ongoing tasks, address concerns, and reflect on progress. Feedback sessions were incredibly valuable, offering constructive criticism alongside generous encouragement. The team’s receptiveness to ideas and suggestions honed my design skills and boosted my confidence in contributing meaningfully to projects.

A significant highlight of my contributions was the comprehensive revamp of Vanspec’s brand guidelines and business cards as part of their brand modernization. This project allowed me to apply my creative vision while aligning the company’s image with contemporary design standards. Additionally, my involvement in client interactions deepened my understanding of client needs and enhanced overall client satisfaction.

The exposure and hands-on experience gained at Vanspec were invaluable. Learning how to navigate client expectations, adapt to diverse project requirements, and contribute meaningfully to a team was part of this enriching experience. This practical exposure complemented my design journey, adding an understanding of design principles and their real-world applications.

My time at Vanspec was a period of substantial growth. It honed my design skills and developed a mindset centred around collaboration and adaptability, essential skills in today’s workplace. As I progress in my design career, the lessons learned, experiences gained, and relationships formed at Vanspec Marketing will continue to guide and inspire my journey as a designer.

Marylynn is a 3rd year BFA student majoring in Graphic Design.