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Brielle Quon
GD 498 • Summer 2023
Marketing & Communications Assistant

Completing my practicum marked the final step toward my graduation from UFV. This summer semester, I had the opportunity to take on a job experience in the real world. I overcame design challenges with the skills I learned at UFV and made valuable connections with my co-workers. 

I had the privilege to work at Kerr Wood Leidal Associates Ltd. (KWL), an esteemed engineering consulting firm specializing in water treatment and environmental enhancement. Collaborating closely with the Marketing and Communications Specialist, who coincidentally is a UFV alumnus, I assumed the role of the Marketing and Communications Assistant. I aided my supervisor in addressing a backlog of tasks. My primary responsibilities included creating social media posts, revamping website layouts, designing brochures and infographics, and creating an employee handbook. 

A substantial project I undertook was centred around website updating. KWL’s current website was several years old and needed layout upgrades. Entrusted with designing a new layout for the Meet the Team page, my mission was to create a design that was sleeker and more dynamic. This redesign was also intended to align with the company’s brand identity. 

Along with the layout design, I meticulously refined about 80 staff photographs—this involved colour correction, image resizing, cropping, and removing backgrounds from studio portraits. Given the variations in photography conditions and crops due to different photographers, I tried to create a harmonious and consistent final presentation of the staff photos. 

Throughout my journey at KWL, I gained a renewed appreciation for the importance of communication. As I worked on the website updates, communication with an external company was important in converting my website mockup into a functional website. Overcoming challenges hinged on effective communication to grasp team dynamics and to collaboratively create a high-quality final product. Conversations largely revolved around integrating our brand identity and optimizing the quality of the staff photos. 

My time at KWL reminded me of the positive impact of teamwork. Regular weekly meetings were essential to communicate progress on our tasks and brainstorm ways to complement the company’s marketing strategy. The
experience solidified my belief in the power of collaboration and open communication in achieving impactful outcomes.

Brielle has a BFA degree with double extended minors in VA & GDD