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2016/17 Studio Tours in Vancouver

Ever wonder what would it be like working in a top professional design and branding agency downtown Vancouver? On Wednesday, January 25th our GDD students had the luxury to visit and learn from the masterminds at The Hive Coworking, Subplot Design, Louder Than Ten, and St. Bernadine.

Being exposed to professional services such as The Hive, allowed the students to envision themselves freelancing and starting businesses in a community and an inspirational work environment. The students learned that working from home has its challenges and working alongside other professionals can benefit in many ways they didn’t realize.

Subplot gave us an eye opening insight into the complete design process of a stamp for Canada Post. Everything from the initial RFP to the design concepts, photoshoots, print runs and final production design. We will never look at a stamp the same way again!

Louder Than Ten is a project management facilitation company where our students learned some tips and tricks for project planning, expectations management and most importantly how NOT to take on too many projects at the same time. Multi-tasking is a productivity killer.

Last but not least we toured St. Bernadine, where their client meeting room and phone room is a retro style RV. Their Senior and Junior Designers who are also former Students of Karin’s have shared with us a complete branding and identity process of their recent jobs for a local Pub in Delta and a craft Brewery in Victoria. Very cool stuff!

The atmosphere of the downtown design agencies and the nuggets of wisdom that our students received were indeed exhilarating and inspiring! If you are interested in knowing more about our experiences and what YOU can hope to learn in our GDD program, don’t hesitate to ask or join us at our next info session on Tuesday, February 21st!