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Love! Love! Love! PechaKucha 5!

A paradigm of heartfelt passion was shared at the Fraser Valley’s 5th PechaKucha. Hosted by UFV’s Graphic + Digital Design students, The Reach, and Jelly Digital Marketing at UFV’s Abbotsford campus, this vibrant sold-out event was thought provoking and visually captivating. 16 outstanding speakers and an exhibition of bold student work inspired rave reviews from the more than 160 guests!

Authenticity resonated amongst the speakers. Their paths of discovery enabled unexpected connections that were life changing. We left feeling that anything is possible in the Fraser Valley!

Event photos by Imroze Deol, UFV GDD Student:
PechaKucha 5: Photos, Imroze Deol

And Danielle Collins, UFV BFA Graphic Design Extended Minor Student:
PechaKucha 5: Photos, Danielle Collins 

Here are a few take-aways:

“Revolutions are built on storytelling.”
– Bosco Anthony, Business growth strategist

“Do we do what we love? Or not?!?!?”
– Darian Kovacs on Michael Boronowski’s love/hate story of his passion for music and adventure.

“Life truly begins at the end of your comfort zone.”
– Anne-Marie Wee, The Dessert Republic

“Career sweet spot: Things I’m good at. Things I can get paid for. Things I love to do.”

“How we connect with others and how we view ourselves aligns.”
– Shawn Neumann, Founder & CEO, Domain 7

“Work with people who deserve your energy, not with those that need it.”
– David Reeve, Brand and Culture Builder

“May the force be with you.”
– Krista Hesketh, The blonde jedi

“Are you communicating or just making pretty pictures?”
– Brad Haima

“Who are the next generation of farmers going to be and how are we going to inspire them?”
– Simran Bain, Westberry Farms

“Quality connections.”
(with some fun audience participation drum lessons).
– Jared Falk, Drumeo

Education unlocks potential.
– Sheila Reimer, UFV Advancement

“How to be happy: decide every day you are in a good mood.” 
– Sarah Clark, Jelly Digital Marketing

“Through story telling people have an opportunity to connect with themselves.” 
– Greg Meeres, Boldfish Video

“The smaller the door, the bigger the opportunity.”   
– Tim McAlpine, Currency Marketing

You may need to recalculate a few times, but it’s all worth it when you get to do what you love!
– Cherlandra Estrada

“Autobiographical art is therapeutic, but also very gutsy.”
– Alisha Deddens

“110 love letters from 1947 inspired a journey doing what I love.
– Carly Butler Verheyen

Special thanks to our sponsors Blackpress, The Patrika, Dessert Republic and UFV Alumni Association.

The next PechaKucha takes place at High Street on Tuesday April 28 and features UFV’s graphic and digital design graduating student portfolio show Valley Design. Get your tickets! This event will sell out quickly.

Save-the-date! Tuesday April 28, 2015
Valley Design: New Frontiers

4 pm to 6 pm: Meet the Designers
6 pm to 9 pm: PechaKucha, New Frontiers
HighStreet: J150-3122 Mt. Lehman Rd, Abbotsford


 Photo: UFV Graphic and Digital Design at PechaKucha 5