Jenna Smith

Diploma, Graphic and Digital Design

Jenna’s purpose as a graphic designer is to bring her clients' ideas to life in a colourful way by incorporating bright, bubbly visuals & bold palettes. She loves a challenge and thrives on creating something unique for each project she participates in. Jenna finds UX/UI design particularly enjoyable, using her knowledge and skillset to create intuitive interfaces that are both easy to use and visually pleasing. She is most inspired by the natural world around her and often uses nature as an inspiration during the creative process.

Dean's List 2022


UX/UI App Design

Plantivity is a fictitious plant journal phone application with the goal of providing better organization to young university students and working professionals with the care of their plants. It gives the user more stability by incorporating this app into their daily routine, resulting in improved life expectancy of the plants. The simple interface of the app, paired with a bubbly design and cheerful colour palette gives Plantivity users a pleasant and straightforward experience that makes it easy to revisit every day without becoming too overwhelming.