Deepanshi Gupta

Diploma, Graphic and Digital Design

Deepanshi is a people-first designer, determined to create innovative, beautiful, and original design concepts. She has a marketing and editorial background and specializes in having strong organizing skills that help her to create vital pieces with consistency. As she has been working in the print industry for some time, she has extensive printing skills and has spent the last two years perfecting her portfolio. She feels her role as a designer is to create and communicate ideas that inform, inspire, and build customers.

Dean's list 2022

Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran

Vinyl Cover Design

I chose the song bad habits by Ed Sheeran because that song to me is very catchy, and the lyrics are deep and playful. To create the cover, I used different patterns, textures, and gradients. I combined and experimented with it Adobe applications to give the impression of playfulness and fun in the same way, the music of this song makes me feel."

A Study in Scarlet

Book Cover Design