Adria Quon

Dean's List 2018-2023, Student RGD Honourable Mention for Brand Identity 2022, Warren James Davis Endowment Scholarship in Visual Arts 2022

Western Sage Honey

Package Design and Rebrand

Western Sage produces high-quality honey in the Fraser Valley and is committed to sustainability and saving the bees. The challenge was to rebrand Western Sage with an identity that embodies Fraser Valley culture and speaks to its products' organic, sustainable qualities. The solution includes new labels and a package that show a grizzly bear warmly embracing the jar of honey, taking the viewer straight to Sunday morning breakfast in a log cabin. The package has been designed to protect the honey jar and serve as a garden starter to give back to the bees.

Top Out

App Design

In the rock climbing community, “topping out” is an expression used when a climber climbs over the edge of a boulder and stands on top of it. With Top Out, boulderers can achieve top outs for outdoor climbs across North America. The challenge for this app was to create a user experience that helps boulderers find climbing routes the fastest way possible and introduce beginners to bouldering. With a reliable app like Top Out, climbers can be connected to their community and feel confident in their search for climbs. Created in collaboration with Brielle Quon and Michael McKay.