Kayden Mattiuz

Diploma, Graphic and Digital Design

Kayden is a designer who loves bringing hands-on approaches to her work. When she was young, she would spend her time creating some (not so pleasing) web pages on Neopets.com. Fast forward fifteen years, she is now a graduate of the diploma, and has a portfolio containing work from branding to print design. She loves taking on new challenges and one example of her dedication is that she taught herself how to embroider for a project she had two weeks to complete. Kayden is really excited to continue growing her skills as a designer in the industry.

Dean's List 2020-2022

Prism | Wine With a Taste of Summer

Brand Identity, Packaging

Tasked with creating a new identity for an independent winery including: name, logo, and a design concept for the release of their 3 new wines, Prism was born. Prism is here to capture the summer youth and to bring a little sunshine into our lives. Their wines are made for sharing with your best friends while basking in the summer heat, or for those wishing to have a taste of the summer season before it arrives.