VALLEY DESIGN: New Frontiers

Save-the-date! Tuesday April 28, 2015 Discover the Valley’s hidden design gems at the Portfolio Show of the University of the Fraser Valley’s Graphic and Digital Design (GDD) program.…
Karin Jager
February 4, 2015

Writing, Lettering and Typography

Calligraphically Inspired! This fall, our first year typography course introduced writing, lettering and type. Students designed their own alphabets, practiced the art of calligraphy, and worked with Adobe's…
Karin Jager
December 3, 2014

Coffee Crawl!

Second year Graphic + Digital Design (GDD) students take on Vancouver for a caffeine-infused design crawl. This fall semester, Brand Identity students were assigned a project…
Miranda Ting
September 23, 2014

Meet Jessica Macbeth!

Grad 2014 Outstanding Achievement Award Jessica Macbeth is the recipient of GDD's Outstanding Achievement Award for her exceptional portfolio, ability and professionalism. One of Jessica's major contributions…
Karin Jager
July 24, 2014